Do you have urgent project needs but not enough support? Would you be willing to invest some free time to help colleagues if you knew how you could contribute?

Simply register a project and/or become a volunteer. Once you are logged in, you will be able to browse existing projects where you can volunteer your skills and time or find a volunteer. Use our FAQ to find answers to your questions and send us feedback to improve our platform.

Why project collaboration?

Strong sense of purpose

See value in working together as the common goal.

Pooling of talents and strengths

Find the help you need and achieve more in less time.

Equal partaking

Have equal opportunities to participate and contribute your ideas in a safe space.


Who can sign up as a volunteer or ask for help with projects?

All UN employees from across the system with an active UN email account.

To volunteer, you can register yourself here. If you have previously signed up as a mentor, mentee, shadower or host, no need to re-register. Your profile can be used in any of the modules (mentoring, job shadowing or project collaboration).

To create a project, please complete this form.

I work for the UN but my email is not recognized. Why?

Please contact conecta@un.org for further assistance.

How can I submit a project or need?

To submit a project or need, you can fill in this form with the requested information.

Once I sign up as a volunteer, what happens next?

You can search for projects here and find one that interests you,  and project owners can contact you if they have projects that need your skills. If interested, you can start collaborating.

Once I submit my request for help, what happens next?

You can actively search for volunteers here and they can contact you if they have skills that match your project. Once there are matches you can then start collaborating. If you need help finding volunteers, please contact us here.

How much time am I expected to work on projects I volunteered for?

Project owners will suggest the time they would wish volunteers to dedicate to their projects and you in turn will also indicate your level of availability. It can be as little as a phone call or as much as you wish and can help.

Will there be any financial compensation for the tasks I perform as a volunteer?

No, there will be no financial compensation for your activity as a volunteer. All tasks must be performed voluntarily and the aim is to collaborate with colleagues, help and learn with them!

I would like to submit multiple projects. How can I do that?

If you foresee a number of projects related to one another, you may wish to indicate that in the description of the project to make it as clear as possible for the volunteers.

Can I work on multiple projects at the same time?

Of course!

Do I need my supervisor’s approval to volunteer for a project through conecta?

It’s always good to keep your supervisor in the loop. We understand that participating in projects outside your core team takes a lot of time and effort, so it is important to set clear expectations with your manager and/or other team members to avoid any disruption at work (e.g. about days/times you are not in the office because of the outside project). Having this dialogue with your manager and/or team will help clear any misunderstanding or assumptions, which in turn help reduce conflicts within teams.

However, if your participation will be done outside your working core hours and since your activity is voluntary by definition, your supervisor’s approval may not be necessary.

How can I provide my feedback on the help I received or project I helped with?

Your feedback is most welcome! You can provide it directly to the colleagues you worked with and the conecta team would love to hear about your experience too. You can send us a message here.

I have already found a volunteer to help me with my project. How can I take it down from the platform?

Please contact us here if necessary

I no longer have availability to be a volunteer. How can I delete my account?

Please contact us here if necessary.

I have already been matched with a project and I do not want to be contacted by other project owners now. What should I do?

Please contact us here if necessary.

Do I need to cancel my account if I have already been matched with a project?

No, you can maintain your account if you want to be matched to other projects when you are available.